Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Mutton Chops in Newburgh, New YorkSideburns are one thing but mutton chops are something much, much more. Of course, you couldn't tell by the examples that parade around today that dare call themselves mutton chops. Barren shadows of a once magnificent history.

Case in point, the popular character of graphic novella and kinetoscope, Wolverine. (I will not sully this fine company with a tintype of of his anemic beard.) While he is assuredly overflowing with manly vim and vigor, his so-called mutton chops look as if he has merely neglected to shave for a week or so. Is this what passes for mutton chops in this century?

Poppycock! The New Yorker herin presented has mutton chops to be proud of. And what's more, in the following weeks I will present even more impressive examples by men who truly have "The Chops."

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